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INFINITI of Naperville is ready for you to feel the complete exhilaration of a luxury car, coupe, SUV, or crossover in our lineup. Our dealership in Naperville, IL, is waiting to help you schedule a test drive with your favorite INFINITI model. Our inventory offers a wide variety of models to choose from, so simply select your favorite and take the next step to sliding behind the wheel. If you’re ready to schedule a test drive with the best INFINITI vehicle for you, please give us a call at (630) 506-5758 or contact us online.

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2021 INFINITI QX80 exterior SUV

Test Drive an INFINITI in Naperville, IL

Deciding to test drive your favorite INFINITI model is a great choice. Feeling the engine respond as you accelerate while your grip the steering wheel is enticing. To know how much power you’ll have every day is important knowledge to have. You also get to see and feel what the interior and exterior design look like in person as well as test out the technology.

2021 INFINITI Q60 in red exterior car

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Are you interested to see what INFINITI vehicles we have available on our lot? INFINITI of Naperville offers a variety of luxury models to test drive. By selecting a model you like and scheduling a test drive, you guarantee an exciting experience that may affect whether you want that INFINITI or wish to try out a different one.

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How to Test Drive a Car

When deciding which INFINITI vehicle to test drive, selecting one at random won’t have the same effect as putting the effort in and picking the perfect vehicle for you. Every INFINITI model has different unique attributes that will entice you behind the wheel.

If you desire to learn more about the best way to test drive an INFINITI vehicle, we’ve highlighted the key things to do before you make that official appointment. Continue reading and see what’s left to do before you officially schedule your appointment.

Do Your Research

When choosing an INFINITI model to test drive, research is extremely important. You need to know whether a car, coupe, SUV, or crossover is right for you. What kind of powertrain do you wish to have beneath the hood? Does the interior setup look good online? Does the exterior design catch your eye? Eliminating models that don’t fit your needs will help you find the right INFINITI model for you.

Make an Appointment Early On

Call ahead when it’s time to schedule an appointment. This will ensure that your favorite INFINITI is still on the lot and a product specialist can have the INFINITI model waiting for you upon your arrival. This helps prevent waiting for an INFINITI you chose the day you’re in the dealership to try and ensures that the INFINITI you want is the one you get to slide inside.

Bring a Friend

Sometimes, when you see something you’re in love with, you’ll miss some key details in the car. It’s always good to bring a friend along to discuss the model with. A friend or family member will also ask questions while you can focus on your driving experience.

Test Technology

Always test the technology when you’re inside your test drive vehicle. If this is to be your future INFINITI, make sure you like how the technology functions. As you try it out, be sure to ask the product specialist questions about the functionality if you need to. You may also discover features you didn’t know that the INFINITI model had as you play around with it.

Use a Checklist

Have a checklist of your must-haves and your wants ready. When you settle inside, does it have the infotainment screen size you want? Is there a heated steering wheel? Heated and ventilated front seats? Take note of everything the vehicle has on your checklist so that when you sit down, you can make a thorough evaluation.

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