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Protect the capabilities of your INFINITI vehicle when you keep up to date with your oil change schedule. Managing the status of your premium INFINITI model is simple with assistance from the team at INFINITI of Naperville. Our dealership in Naperville, IL, is prepared to help retain the impressiveness of your INFINITI by preserving its inner workings with timely oil changes. Schedule an appointment with us by completing our online form or giving us a call at (630) 506-5758.

How Often Should I Get My Oil Changed?

We recommend that you change the oil inside your INFINITI vehicle every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Whether your premium INFINITI model uses synthetic or conventional oil will affect the time between oil changes. By keeping up with your oil changes, your engine performs better and fuel efficiency is optimized, as opposed to the engine collecting sludge that worsens your performance. The service team at INFINITI of Naperville is available to help if you need assistance determining how long you should wait between oil changes.

Do I Need Synthetic or Conventional Oil?

Conventional oil will need more frequent oil changes, while synthetic oil stretches farther. Your owner’s manual will tell you whether your INFINITI vehicle uses conventional or synthetic oil. The team at INFINITI of Naperville will also know the exact oil you need and will use the right formulas to ensure you have optimal performance on the road. 

INFINITI Approved Oils

INFINITI offers you three different premium engine oil options that will keep your vehicle performing at its best. Continue reading to learn more about the engine oil choices available to you.

  • INFINITI- This engine oil is specially formulated for INFINITI vehicles and is currently only available in 5W-30.
  • Mobil Super™ Synthetic- This engine oil is specially formulated for INFINITI vehicles and will help prevent your engine from rusting and corroding. 
  • Mobil 1™- An advanced full synthetic formula targeted toward keeping your engine running like new, this engine oil is used by many top auto manufacturers as their factory fill oil.

Oil Change Coupons & Offers

INFINITI of Naperville offers a thrilling selection of oil change coupons to help you save on the maintenance of your INFINITI model. A savings opportunity that allows your vehicle to remain at peak performance is one that you won’t want to miss out on.

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