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Get Your INFINITI Autumn-Ready with INFINITI of Naperville

As the leaves begin to change in Naperville, Aurora, and beyond, INFINITI of Naperville is here to ensure every model, from the elegant Q50, the family-friendly QX60, to the robust QX80, is prepared to navigate through the picturesque fall and into the colder months ahead. Whether you’re a student at North Central College or residing in the serene suburbs of Plainfield, our fall car care tips are designed to ensure your INFINITI performs optimally throughout the season:

  • Check Your Tires: Ensure your Q50 navigates securely through the wet streets of Oswego and Shorewood with properly inflated and season-appropriate tires.
  • Battery Inspection: Ensure your QX60 is winter-ready with a fully charged battery and corrosion-free connections, especially crucial in the chilly conditions of Joliet.
  • Brake Check: Safety first! Ensure your QX50’s brakes are inspected and any worn components replaced before the slippery fall leaves cover the roads of Plainfield and Aurora.
  • Fluid Levels: Maintain optimal fluid levels in your QX80 to ensure smooth operation in varying temperatures across Naperville and its neighboring towns.
  • Wiper Blades: Ensure clear visibility through fall and winter with new or winter-specific wiper blades on your QX60.
  • Heating and Ventilation: Ensure cozy and clear drives in your Q50 through crisp Oswego mornings with a fully functional heating system and defrosters.
  • Exterior Care: Protect your INFINITI QX80’s paintwork from harsh conditions and potential rusting with a thorough wash and protective wax coating.
  • Emergency Kit: Be prepared for any unexpected situations on your autumn adventures with an emergency kit in your INFINITI.
  • Visit INFINITI of Naperville: Schedule a fall maintenance check-up with our INFINITI specialists to ensure your vehicle, be it a QX50 or QX80, is autumn-ready.

Adhering to these fall car care tips will ensure your INFINITI, from the dynamic Q50 to the luxurious QX60, navigates through the scenic autumn landscapes of Naperville, Aurora, and surrounding areas with utmost reliability and efficiency. INFINITI of Naperville believes in enhancing every drive with a well-maintained vehicle, no matter the season.


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