Infiniti M35h Makes Good on Its Promises

There are hybrids, and then there are high-performance, hybrids that will put you back in your seat. The Infiniti M35h is one of those high-performance hybrids. With an incredible meeting place between 350 horsepower and 32 mpg, it asserted a spot in the Guinness World Records this August, as the fastest accelerating hybrid offered! More recently, the Infiniti M35h reached new heights in regards to fuel economy, and it stands alone.

How did the high-performance hybrid complete such a feat? It managed to beat it's official 32-mpg rating by seven cents, in a UK-based competition! In a competition where no other hybrid competing managed to exceed their official rating, we can say that all hybrids other than the Infiniti M35h fell a bit short.

The U.K. course holding the competition ran a whopping 370 miles. And if beating its official fuel-consumption rating wasn't enough for you, the Infiniti M35h also managed to complete about half of it (approx 180 miles) on 100% pure electric power.

"Infiniti's Direct Response Hybrid system was developed to offer a no-compromise way of providing both performance and fuel economy and this result demonstrates how successful that approach has been," says Wayne Bruce, Communications Director, Infiniti. "Achieving low fuel consumption in the official tests might look impressive but helps no one if it is no readily achievable in real life."1

Of course, Infinity of Lisle couldn't agree more. The Infiniti M35h not only does it make good on their promises, it exceeds them.

To learn more about the Infiniti M35h available through Infinity of Lisle, please contact us today. Or drop in on your way by. Conveniently located at 4325 Lincoln Ave, Lisle IL, we're happy to answer any questions you might have.

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